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Dan Rau formed D.A. Rau & Associates in 1996 after he had accumulated over 24 years experience in the electronic and computer fields.
Dan's love affair with computers began in 1978 when he purchased his first computer. Since then, he has continued to be involved in them, ranging from introducing the first computerized student database at one of the Air Force's Professional Military Education Centers in 1979 to designing and building a network for an office complex in Santiago, Chile.
The majority of our clients are in the Denver Colorado metro area but we are not limited to this area. We have also worked with clients on projects in San Francisco, Chicago and have recently become involved with a project in Graz, Austria.
Our strongest asset is our experience in a wide range of different projects. This gives us a unique insight into how different hardware and software platforms work together. Many times we come up with a better solution faster than others simply because we approach projects with a wide-open view rather than a narrowly focused "expert" view.
A partial list of our experience:
  • Microsoft software products (server and client)
  • Linux software and operating systems
  • Blackberry Enterprise Servers
  • Database design and implementation
  • Hardware/Software upgrades
  • Cabling
  • Networking
  • Research

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    Our basic philosphy can be summarized as follows:
    jelqen Keep It Simple
    because the simple solution is usually the best solution!
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